What women say ...

  • I have become the woman I have always wanted to be.
    M.T., Austin, TX
  • I feel prepared. I believe I have found the me that was lost somewhere in the past.
    A.Q., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

My why

I am an achiever, wife, mother, & entrepreneur who’s numbed out life got hijacked at age 38. An unexpected journey gave me a gift. I reclaimed me.

I can give you in four days or less the very process that took me over four years to reclaim my own life. It will impact every part of your life… from your business or mission to your personal life.  You will have the ability to create a fulfilling life of influence, freedom, & peace with zero regrets.

Would you like to have your cake & eat it too?

Transforming lives ...

  • Shannon has literally changed my life. My husband and I were in such pain. We had spent thousands of dollars and three years on counseling and we were still stuck in our marriage. I had no hope that my marriage could ever change, and I never imagined feeling passion again. Now, I feel alive and have hope! I desire my husband again and don’t fear intimacy anymore! The wisdom, unconditional love, and work that she has invested in me not only impacted my life, but also the life of my husband and children. She is unlike any counselor or coach that I have worked with, and I have worked with a lot! She is gifted in her ability to challenge you in a loving way, give you eyes to see a new reality, and gently lead you to anchor in a new life. I forever will be grateful for her. Do whatever it takes to work with them. It will change your life.
    N.G., Fort Worth, Texas

By Reclaiming You™, you can have what these women now enjoy.

The women we work with are busy achievers. Time is their priceless commodity. From running businesses, charities, to their own homes. They are committed to experiencing the best that life can offer, and they won’t settle. These successful women realize that money cannot buy what’s missing in their life.

Our clients had another thing in common before we worked together:   being stretched too thin. Feeling overwhelmed. Their go go go lifestyle put them on auto pilot with tons of pressure & responsibility. Due to all of their demands, they were unable to listen to their bodies’ daily needs, so they numbed out. Survival mode.

After working together, these women discovered a new way of living. They found a safe place to break their silent suffering where the champion in them could actually breathe. A way of life that allows them to smell the roses and put out the little inferno of stress running the show. Where they can actually have it all. Peace with high productivity. Joy even when life disappoints. A determination that’s sustainable for their soul. A fulfilled life.

This can be your story too. You don’t have to settle for a life of overwhelm or loneliness lined with unmet expectations when you can Create Results You Love.™

This is not talking therapy. Our proven Reclaim You™ Program radically transforms you inside and out with permanent results & world class coaching. It begins with an exclusive two to four day private intensive, and then, you choose which ongoing coaching plan best serves you. Pick from a three or twelve-month option for us to create powerfully together.

I promise, my coaching will be one of the best returns on investment that you ever make. I guarantee our work together.

If reading this stirs you, I invite you to request a private conversation today.