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Are you one of the brave #MeToo women who have spoken out about your sexual harassment or abuse story? Have you been sexually or emotionally manipulated by someone? Are you one of many still living in it and afraid to speak out? Where do women go from here once the truth hits the fan? Who’s
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I was a poor listener. Nearly deaf. I didn’t know how to truly listen to people or my own body. I was numb. I went through decades of not knowing just how disconnected I really was. Life was about being busy and avoiding pain. From navigating our four active kids, to keeping my husband reasonably
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My Love Affair With a Liar I used to believe a liar. I loved her. Her voice was familiar. I thought she was “for me.” Even truth. For decades she intoxicated me with her “reasons” of why I needed to “protect myself.” To be tough. To only depend on me. To not need a man.