Create Results You Love ™

Reclaim You™ in just four days or less. It's guaranteed.


Don’t stay stuck.

Is this you? Being stretched too thin. Feeling overwhelmed. Perfectionism is draining you. Has your go-go-go lifestyle put you on auto-pilot with tons of pressure and responsibility? Due to all of your demands, are you unable to listen to your body’s daily needs, so you numbed out? Survival mode. Living here has a cost.

After working with many successful & driven women, they discovered a new way of living. It is a way of life that allows them to smell the roses and put out the little inferno of stress running the show. What we created together was a safe place to break their silent suffering where the champion in them could actually breathe. Where they can actually have it all. Peace with high productivity. Joy even when life disappoints, with a determination that’s sustainable for their soul: A fulfilled life.

These extraordinary women are busy achievers who are committed to their businesses, charities, & families. They are committed to experiencing the best that life can offer. They won’t settle.


Why can I be so bold?  I lived it.

After three decades of pain and living asleep, I finally woke up.  It took me over four years to develop the very process that ultimately gave me freedom and fulfillment.  The ability to experience unlimited influence, peace, and unbelievable power to Create Results I Love.™

You don’t have to go through the rollercoaster ups & downs like I did to experience what I have to give you.  It’s my passion to share my life and show you how to Reclaim You™ in literally four days or less - not four years.  I will give you efficient guidance and powerful coaching that took me years to master. I will guide you personally… saving you time, money, and disappointment. There’s no downside to Reclaiming You.™

What women say ...

  • If you are like me, you look at coming here and think, “Am I going to do one more thing that is ultimately going to help me?” And as I wrestled with that, I thought, “I’m going to take this chance.” And I am so glad that I did. What I’m walking away with is a sense of being able to know the tools in order to move forward to build a new marriage. And it’s done quickly. It was four days. Don’t let that stop you from getting what you need: the tools, really for the rest of your life.
    L.J., Texas
  • I was completely spent — emotionally, spiritually and physically. And my marriage was being tested in a way it never had before. With a background of childhood trauma and still impacted by PTSD, I was on the brink. So, I went to the retreat hopeful — but still extremely guarded. I had spent so much money on other events and programs that wanted me to whip myself into a peak state and keep pushing the path of do, do, do. To her credit, Shannon listened to my fears and made me feel safe enough to let down my guard so I could receive what they were teaching. By the end of the retreat, I saw that they had given us tools that we could use for the rest of our lives.
    E.D., North Carolina

Why trust me or the Reclaim You™  process?

I get these questions a lot.  Usually, this comes from a place of concern like… “how do I know Shannon is real, trustworthy?”  Or… “what if this process doesn’t work for me?”

My response is… you get what you see with me.  I am committed to live this process daily, and I’m on a mission to give key influencer women what I have. Freedom & fulfillment.  Unapologetically.

Guiding women into their destinies is my passion. I have been given too much to hide it away selfishly.

Our unique process works.  You won’t find it anywhere else. Here’s why we can be so sure.

The Reclaim You™ Process is our proprietary method to radically shift old patterns that hold you back from having a life you love.  We are living it years after, and so are the committed women who came before you. When you play full out, you will receive what you have come for.  Guaranteed.

How will the process impact me?

You will be able to say good-bye to: 

  • Perfectionism
  • The fear of massive loss
  • Living in stress & overwhelm
  • Trapped emotions that sabotage you
  • The fear of failure or success
  • Pain & distrust from past trauma
  • Self-doubt & hatred
  • The inability to give or receive

You will create:

  • The ability to impact your business and influence like never before
  • The ability to design a life you love
  • The ability to fully trust again
  • The ability to heal your body from chronic pain
  • The ability to be the women you’ve always wanted to be
  • The ability to influence like you’ve never known before
  • The ability to take massive action, create, & still be peaceful
  • The ability to love and be loved passionately


Will this impact my business & finances?

100% yes.  When you show up unhindered from the past with the ability to create powerfully, things change.  Quickly.  Living a life of integrity just works.  I have clients who have increased their bottom lines & businesses exponentially in less than 6 months.

Why does this work? The results of joy out produce the by-product of overwhelm every time.  Women who are peaceful, not stressed, are more effective business women and have larger returns on their investments & time.

Will this impact my intimate relationship?

Definitely.  You are more powerful than you understand.  Your shifts will ripple into every facet of your relationship.  You will rewrite the past, your present, & your future.  From your ability to communicate to your desire for each other, to being able to attract the right partner if you're single.

For over 22 years, my relationship was numbed out and passionless.  We were roommates and business partners who raised four kids together.  Fortunately, we had a turning point that allowed us to restore a never-ending honeymoon.  Love with passion, a priceless gift to our children & lineage.

What do you really value?

My husband & I personally invested a small fortune and years away from home to create the life I now have.  It wasn’t easy or without bumps, but the payoff was worth every tear, every dollar, & every night away.

You don’t have to take the hard road.  The path has already been cut saving you precious time.  In the big scheme of things, your time wasting away is the biggest asset at risk.  What is your remaining time to fully live worth to you?  How can you put a price tag on that?

Are you ready to create a life worth living?





With our Reclaim You™ process, you will…

        1- Reclaim you
        2- Recreate your relationships
        3- Redesign your influence


How does our Reclaim You™ process work?

Step 1 - A two to four day private intensive

What we create:

  • The Awakening - Create a New Mindset
  • Integration - Create  New Possibilities
  • Conditioning - Create a New Reality

Step 2 - Exclusive 1:1 coaching

Choose from:

  • Twelve Months
  • Three Months


My promise to you… 

I can give you what I have: freedom, access to power & influence, and the ability to create a life you love.  Just ask the women that have gone before you.  They are waiting in line to share their stories with you.

You have nothing to lose. The big question is: are you willing you receive what I offer you? Don’t wait in your pain and numbness any longer. Create Results You Love™ now.

What women say ...

  • I cannot thank you enough. I feel so different. SO different. You & Dan have completely shifted things that I will ripple into my family in deep ways. No words feels honorable enough to express what I feel about you both.
    D.M., Texas
  • I am not sure what else to say except that I love the process and I want all my friends to experience it. And, larger than that, I want to live in a world where more people feel the way I feel and walk through life the way that you do. I think it is amazing that you have been able to move past your "blue" values and find "truth" in life and then climb to what I see as a really high level of existence. Just imagine the world completely "WOKE"! I now feel an obligation ( a good one, not a burden type) to help facilitate the spread of this wonderful thing that you have created because I think so so so many people need this.
    Ashley, NYC