You are my why...

I would love nothing more than the opportunity for us to meet face to face over hot tea or coffee to have this conversation as new acquaintances. Can you allow this to be our first meeting place?

As I shared on my homepage, my life was hijacked at age 38… all for the better. I will share what happened, but may I share a little background? Warning. I am all woman… so sometimes I get long winded.

You never know where your passions will take you. They can reveal your calling in life. Looking back, my whole life has been a series of divine set ups. Out of the many influences in my life, these were key ingredients for my journey to Reclaim Myself.


Here's the backstory ...

Since kindergarten, I wanted to be “the teacher.” Sometimes, I tried to take the classroom over. So I was told. Teaching encompasses two things I love. Talking & people. My passion. My love for impactful conversations & speaking grew over time. To the point, I majored in it in college. Unaware of its destination.

When I reflect being a little girl, I remember being loved well.  It was beautiful.  On the other hand, I remember the pain. I had chronic health issues & infections that colored my experience of life. It played a huge role in my overall health from weight issues to being insecure about my body, to my sugar cravings for most of my life.

My type A personality out shouted my weakened body, and I hit a breaking point after I delivered our third baby in three years. It was a time of reckoning & fear for my life.

This health crisis served and led me into holistic living which introduced me to numerous world-class mentors & teaching. I never realized that my own struggles would serve so many people later in life.

Growing up, my mother was one genius of a real estate investor/realtor. Our entire family learned how to fix up the dogs on the block to flip them for a profit or keep as a rental property. I could paint, clean, decorate, and crunch numbers by my early teens.  It was both hard work and fun.  Invaluable lessons.  Ironically, I had no idea my future husband would have a similar drive and talent. The combination of our families’ histories in real estate set us up for over 20 years of real estate investing that created our financial freedom and love for business.

I was raised in a small conservative town. People were loving, friendly, kind, and predictable. They raised their families, worked hard, and enjoyed their weekends. Keeping to the norm.

Most relationships I saw had love and a deep commitment, but I wouldn’t describe them as passionate.

Unknowingly, this model shaped my definition of a committed relationship. Love, commitment, kids, & work was guaranteed… but the chemistry wasn’t.  I never knew it was missing

As well, my view of men & relationships was heavily impacted by a trusted mentor in my life. Her battle wounds from a painful divorce & sexual abuse anchored in me a survivor spirit to never get hurt like she did. I was skeptical toward men and felt it was safer if I could simply depend on me. This inner vow of mine, to protect my heart even from my husband, almost cost me my marriage. It took time to uncover the depths it went. Ironically, her story created a huge drive in me to help women trust again. Real freedom.

Lastly, I never realized what young love would bring when I met my husband, Dan Patrick, at age 12. We starting dating when I was 15, and he was 17. We had a short-lived “honeymoon” experience and then something shifted abruptly. Once the new wore off, I unknowingly closed to him in order to feel safe. That inner vow. Our relationship morphed over the next 20 years into a busy life as business partners raising kids with no desire for each other. Love without passion became the status quo. I numbed out. He was in pain.

profilepic-200pxh There is life and power in the ability to be open to a whisper.

The years of pain created an opening ...

I went through decades of not knowing just how disconnected I really was. I didn’t know how to truly listen to my own body. Life was about getting stuff done and avoiding pain. From navigating our four active kids to keeping my husband reasonably happy (so I thought), to growing our businesses… I was on auto-pilot. Survival mode.

My body wanted to get my attention, but I didn’t have space nor the time for another request. I was stretched too thin. Ignorant.

I put up with my silent suffering. I was good at pushing through and ignoring the warning signs. I was never quiet enough to hear my body’s plea.

I had no idea that my years of lower back pain and fussy sinus headaches were my body’s way of asking me to listen. I was busting at the seams feeling internal pressure. Tons of responsibility.

By divine appointment, a series of unexpected events interrupted my self-destruction. The pain in my passionless marriage and the mounting frustrations with my life allowed an extraordinary shift to occur. My pain opened me up to listen. To finally connect to me. Profound.

Naive of the benefits to follow, I gave my emotion deprived body the chance to reattach to my overactive brain. I could feel my body’s soul driven wisdom speaking to me. For the first time, I was alive. Fully.

It took some time to adjust my old life to the new me. It wasn’t all peaches & ease. There were many bumps in the road. I fell down a lot. Bruised. But, I got back up. I had to. I didn’t want to go back to my old way of living.

It’s been years now since I left the land of the walking dead. I don’t miss it. At all. I’ve spring cleaned my old life. Made room for all of the new; the parts that are easy and the parts that are messy. All of me. Quite the journey from emotional poverty & perfectionism.

I truly appreciate the way my body takes care of me now. It talks loud and clear. Warning signs, caution lights, stop signs, and even detours have become a way of living for me. Refreshing.

If this life of mine could ever impact another human’s destiny, it would be around this one thing. Listening. Its ability to impact is indescribable.


Rebellion and resistance to my calling ...

Over 35 years, “my calling” developed in unusual ways. In creating businesses and collaborating with my visionary husband. In parenting four bold & headstrong children. In falling down countless times with failing health. In almost wrecking my passionless marriage.
I was unconscious and reckless with my gift to serve people. Apathetic. Yet, all of the ups and downs seemed to be pointing at a preplanned life that was calling me. As if… I was the main character in a novel that was already written. My destiny.

The ironic thing is… I’m stubborn. Even rebellious at times. I wanted the option to choose to say yes to this obvious calling of mine. I don’t want to “have to.”

I want to say yes… for me. Not for anyone else. I want a say. The option to say NO.

I wrestled with myself & God for a long season. It wasn’t pretty yet necessary. A season of holy sifting. Refining. That resistive journey birthed a vision, a burning desire, to give of myself in a way I never saw before. Fearless authenticity.


I said yes ... yes to my destiny ...

I finally chose to unapologetically serve women to create a dimension of freedom that they have never known. To be an example of one who has reclaimed herself. All of me. For me.

The process of reclaiming me opened the door to show others how to do the same. A path full of unknowns to journey into the promise land of grace. Real, raw, inspiring freedom. A place very few visit… much less live.

This beautiful rebellion has bloomed into more than I could ever imagine. It created the space to reclaim me from being lonely & stressed out soul with an unconscious marriage to having a fulfilling adventure of a life. Full of grace for myself, peace for my heart, and love for me. Not to mention what it has done to restore my marriage & influence my children.

Why do I serve women? Because I choose to honor the journey that transformed my life. Because I am living what’s possible. Because I simply love seeing women’s lives Reclaimed. To see them thrive. How can say no after all I have experienced?

I humbly admit, I love who I have become. Imperfections and all. I love being able to share what I have. A fulfilling life full of zeal as an advocate for women… with a message of courageous authenticity. Full of grace with zero judgment. Free from stress and perfectionism.

There is no room for ego here.
Lives of women, marriages, children, and destinies are at stake.

I don’t hold all of the answers, but your destiny does. It’s calling you just like it did me. Get out of your own way, out of your pain, & out of your numbness to see the life that awaits you. Trust once more.


Your life is worth every tear, every disappointment, 

every pain of rejection or betrayal of trust. For this refining process is the very way champions are created. You… my dear ladies are a beautiful example of freedom in the making. I see it even if you don’t. Will you say yes to your life? Your calling? It was created only for you. No one else can fill your shoes. You are chosen.

Will you choose to truly live? Inspire the world with your pain & triumphs. Your life, my radiant sister, is valued beyond earthly measure. You hold the keys to saying yes to your destiny.

Rise up. Reclaim you. Restore the stolen years.

We can do it together.


~ Shannon